Over $100,000 in a Single Spin Secured by Casino Player at CryptoSlots

The Jackpot Trigger is one of this CryptoSlots’ biggest selling points and it just paid out its highest sum yet. Player LETTERMAN43 hit three Red 77s across a single payline to pocket the $100k win. This is the second highest payline win on the payout chart, the highest being the million dollar jackpot.

“All I can think of right now is hitting the beach this summer, I think my wife and I will spoil ourselves a bit!” LETTERMAN43

The Provably Fair Jackpot

CryptoSlots’ Jackpot Trigger slot is the only way players can secure these jackpot sums. By tying their jackpot into a slot game, CryptoSlots has cleverly ensured that even the big jackpot wins can be verified as fair.

This is done via Provably Fair – a blockchain method that players can use to test that their game results are truly random. Provably Fair has been around for several years and a select few casinos employ it to prove their trustworthiness. At CryptoSlots every game is Provably Fair.

How does it work? In simple terms, a set of 9 outcomes is hashed before every spin of a slot. After spinning, players can see these randomized outcomes and match one with their game result. This proves that their result is untampered with.

Jackpot Trigger works slightly differently to standard slot games. The aim when playing is to match numbers and symbols across the 10 paylines. Players can make use of a Hold tool to better their chances of wins across multiple reels. It can only be played using Jackpot Tokens, which are earned by spinning CryptoSlots’ other slots. 

Large, Anonymous Crypto Wins

CryptoSlots from the outset decided to do things differently and one of their biggest aims was to provide players with a completely anonymous way to play. At this crypto casino, only an email address is required in order to register, a refreshing change from the forms of details needed elsewhere.

This plays a huge role in players’ concerns going forward. As internet users are more aware of their rights to privacy and the insecurity of their data, the traditional way to play loses its appeal. Crypto casinos can give them a freedom that’s not afforded at traditional casinos thanks to secure, anonymous transactions.

So this lucky player retains his right to anonymity. As will the very lucky million dollar Jackpot Trigger winners, when their times come.


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