Latest Coin DTEP Creating Huge Buzz in Crypto Scene- Exclusively Available in Decoin Exchange

DTEP by Decoin is currently one of the most top favorite crypto coins in the crypto community, courtesy it’s amazing benefits such as revenue sharing, staking rewards and discounted trading fees.

A new coin is raising a storm in the current crypto world. Titled DTEP, the latest coin assures a fantastic range of benefits for the coin holders including revenue sharing, annual staking rewards and handy discounts on trading fees. At present, the new-age coin is exclusively available in its parent exchange, the Decoin exchange.

DTEP is created by leading independent blockchain platform DECOIN that runs on PoS consensus algorithm. At present, the current supply of the coin is 70,000,000 and its maximum supply is 140,000,000.

One of the most pulling features of DTEP is its cutting-edge revenue sharing facility which extends to all the DTEP coin holders. The Decoin exchange offers 20 percent of its transaction revenues to the DTEP coin holders who have or will register on the exchange.

Alongside, DTEP coin holders will receive an amazing 6.2 percent staking rewards annually.

“DTEP coin is designed with you, the coin holder, in mind” smiled Shay Perry, the CEO of Decoin.

“Running on pure PoS independent blockchain, DTEP one of the most awaited coins in the current crypto scene. We have layered it with a pack of amazing benefits that you won’t easily get with other coins out there. We believe DTEP is going to dawn in a new era in the crypto world with its unique features and will ensure a truly welcoming trading experience for the coin holders. At present, it’s only available in our Decoin exchange and assures a bunch of benefits especially for DTEP coin holders. So, sign up fast to render an edge to your crypto investment and trading experience.”

Speaking further, Mr. Perry also detailed about the discount offers on the trading fees for DTEP holders.  The Decoin exchange has just been launched and it is offering free trading for 2 months while DTEP holders on the exchange will also enjoy 50% discount on trading fees after the “free” period is over.

The Decoin exchange assures a breezy trading environment both for seasoned and new traders. The exchange is one among the fastest exchanges in the world and also assures solid prevention of downtime woes. To ensure utmost security of its users, Decoin has adopted all modern security measures like multi-factor authentication, cold wallet storage and insurance backup for funds.

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