Brew Dog Allows Investments in Its Brewery Using Crypto

It doesn’t seem like alcohol and cryptocurrency would go well together, but one Scotland-based brewery is working to make this happen.

Brewery + Crypto = Good Time

An organization known as Brew Dog in Scotland recently announced that potential investors could purchase shares in the brewery using assorted forms of cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP (Ripple). The idea is to boost the company’s crowdfunding attempts through a program called “Equity for Punks.” In other words, it wants to attract younger investors and this, owners believe, will do the trick.

Brew Dog will be accepting cryptocurrency share purchases through April 2020.

The company’s official website announcement reads:

You can now become a card-carrying Brew Dog Equity Punk using cryptocurrency. This is the natural next step for us as a business. James and Martin started Brew Dog to be an alternative to the status quo: to challenge perceptions and revolutionize their industry. The developers, miners and users of cryptocurrency, are the same. Joining forces to link the old and new financial systems is a perfect fit. Simply head to our website and once you submit your application you’ll be given the option to invest in Brew Dog using crypto.

Those who take part in the opportunity early will have the chance to purchase as little as 25 pounds-worth of shares. In addition, all who take advantage now will receive six full cans of Cryptonite West Coast IPA, the company’s most popular concoction.

Among the additional benefits that users will receive if they become “official equity punks” are free beer on their birthdays, discounts when booking large parties, invites to the openings of all future Brew Dog bars, and a whole lot more.

Though based in Scotland, Brew Dog has been making a name for itself all over the world as of late. In fact, one cryptocurrency meetup in Brazil scheduled their events at a Brew Dog bar. In addition, the company announced last year that its brewery in London would allow customers to pay for beer using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

As exciting as it all sounds, Brew Dog is being rather up front with all its investors, saying that shares can potentially go up or down in the coming weeks. This is no different than any other investing opportunity; there’s no way to predict where shares will go, and there are risks that potential investors will need to think about.

This Is a Great Moment for Digital Assets

The announcement also explains:

The people who have invested in us and become Equity Punks have shown what can be achieved with taking charge of something you believe in. We are proud to be extending Equity for Punks so that more of you can join our community, and in adopting cryptocurrency payments to do so.

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