Thieves Drill Through Wall to Steal 85 Mining Rigs

A crypto mining rig warehouse got cleaned out by a sophisticated group of thieves in Malaysia. Five people rented a building next to the crypto mining rig warehouse for one day and monitored the movement of the mining rigs. The thieves waited for the moment when everything was clear and proceeded to drill through the wall and steal 85 mining rigs. Apparently these mining rigs were top of the line, which each rig being worth USD 10,300, bringing the total haul to USD 875,500.

The police believe that this group of thieves planned on using the machines themselves and starting a crypto mining farm. The thieves did not get far, however. The police searched the area and arrested all five suspects red-handed, since when the police seized their car they found drilling equipment.

At this point, the perpetrators are being held as the investigation continues, and charges have not been filed yet.

Although they were unsuccessful in their endeavor to start a crypto mining farm by drilling through a wall and stealing 85 rigs, this saga is certainly a unique new type of cryptocurrency scam.



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Image Courtesy: Pixabay

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