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Bitcoin Becoming Legal Tender El Salvador Matters
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In 21 days, El Salvador will officially become the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. Even though it is only a tiny country with a small gross domestic product (GDP), the first step is always the hardest to be taken, and a domino effect might bring more prominent players to the game in the years to come. After hyperbitcoinization, this will have been, in hindsight, the turning point.

As a blog post perfectly puts it, “a domino effect is a beautiful representation of Social, Economical, and Geopolitical events that happen one after another.” El Salvador is the first domino, and many more are likely to come. Once seen only as a far-fetched reality, having a country recognize bitcoin for what it is, a currency, is closer than ever. And it might turn out to be the small push others needed.