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Physical World Progress Like Digital
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In the year my grandfather was born, the supersonic jet engine, synthetic rubber and the modern microscope were all invented. The year my father was born, the laser and the halogen lamp were both invented, and the first GPS satellite was launched into space. The year I was born, the modern web was invented by bringing Tim Berners Lee’s proposal: “WorldWideWeb: Proposal for a Hypertext Project” to life with the first website.

Last weekend, I was out for a morning walk with my dog and got a push notification onto my phone; Eric Weinstein was talking on Clubhouse. The room was titled, “Why Are Scientists, The Media, And Our Politicians Lying To Us?” For those that don’t know Weinstein, he is a heterodox thinker, managing director of Thiel Capital and the person who coined the term “The Intellectual Dark Web.” In the past year, he has had some brushes with the Bitcoin community at large, though that is not the focus of this article.