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Bitcoin Is Societal Foundation For Truth
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Truth, Goodness, Beauty. The ancient Greeks identified these three transcendental virtues as the requisite underpinning for individual fulfillment and broader societal flourishing. They also believed that all humans have innate capacities that correspond to each of these values. Logos (reason) allows access to truth, ethos (morality) to goodness, and pathos (emotion) to beauty.

I believe each one of us resonates most strongly with one of these three virtues. Some people are naturally inclined to seek out truth, others goodness, and still others beauty. You can think of the archetypal scientist, servant, and artist, with each one of us being composed of some unequal mixture of the three. While these three virtues are all critical for life to thrive, there exists a natural order among the three. Understanding the dependencies this order implies can inform the proper structuring of successful human organizations.