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One Year Since Launch, Invictus Capital’s Bitcoin Alpha Reaps Benefits
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This is a promoted article provided by Invictus Capital.

Among Invictus Capital’s many tokenized investment funds tied to the world’s leading cryptocurrency, there’s one that may appeal to Bitcoiners most, as it has shown it can maximize the potential for serious gains with an ironclad assurance of security: the Invictus Bitcoin Alpha Fund (IBA).

Since Invictus Capital first launched the IBA Fund in August 2020, the fund has offered investors access to a financial product that is closely tied with the long-term successes of bitcoin, while simultaneously providing a form of consumer drawdown protection that the wild and chaotic crypto industry is seldom able to offer. The IBA Fund is quite simple in its strategy: It is nearly 99% composed of direct bitcoin exposure, with the remaining approximately 1.5% in options value. The IBA Fund aims to track the price of bitcoin within a predefined range over any specific calendar month. Drawdown on your investment is limited to the region of -10% over the month through the purchase of put options. The cost of these put options are subsidized by the sale of call options in the region of 30% above the spot price at the start of the month. This effectively means investors will be exposed to price gains up to 30% per month, while being protected from any severe market drawdowns that may occur, thereby preserving capital when the market decides to turn against you. This high-level strategy is used in combination with a number of other proprietary yield-generating tactics to provide investors with enhanced returns.