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How Optimizes Edge Computing Network Through a Unique Gaming Platform with Social Impact
Bitcoin News now admin / is pushing the envelope of what edge computing can mean to a community by incubating and launching a humanitarian gaming project called Original Gamer Life. As StrongNode pursues its mission to harness unused GPU and CPU cycles to help leverage the power of blockchain technology, it is at the same time harnessing the power of gaming and the concept of play-to-earn (P2E) to improve the financial and mental health of those whose quality of life can benefit from such an enterprise.

The up and coming project Original Gamer Life, otherwise known as OGLife, creates a community platform for senior gamers and veterans over the age of 40 years old. Senior gamers may find themselves susceptible to a host of physical, mental, and social problems, and COVID has not made dealing with these issues any easier. OGLife can open the doors for these gamers to a community that may provide a breath of fresh air and could also improve the quality of life for those who participate.

Gaming and Thriving For A Better Life After 40

P2E gaming has taken off in 2021, and this turn of events means that some people around the world can rely on gaming to make a livelihood. The combination of fun, technology, and decentralized finance (DeFi) has endowed the gaming community with an opportunity unlike ever before when it comes to making ends meet.

OGLife recognizes the potential for combining these elements to create a retirement strategy for those who have reached middle age with fewer options every year for securing a comfortable future.

Despite laws put in place that protect against discrimination, the job market for people who have reached a certain age with some form of physical or mental disability can be difficult to navigate. In the wake of COVID-19, many people are out of work, and some of the most vulnerable members of society are barely scraping by financially as a virus ravages the world around them.

StrongNode and OGLife give this demographic a way to connect with others through the joys of gaming. Furthermore, for what is probably the first time in history, playing games with others on the computer can help put food on the table, all thanks to developments in distributed ledger technology, edge computing, and DeFi.

How Uniting Computing Power Can Unite Communities

Edge computing is a revolutionary turn away from centralized networks towards the optimization of data systems by supplying the basic functions of a network closer to the source of a network request. This can be achieved by transferring unused computing power from local devices towards assisting in the operation of nodes within a decentralized network like a blockchain.

As a rule, the value of a network rises in tandem with the number of users connected within that network, so the more users and devices that participate in a network, the more the costs of running a network are reduced. This difference between cost and value can be shared by those who help provide the power to supply a network with functioning nodes.

Users who help build robust edge networks by volunteering their devices can earn StrongNode’s $SNE token for their participation. It’s estimated that an average individual will possess around 15 devices in the year 2030, and much of the processing and storage power in these devices will go unused unless they are put to work in the kind of edge computing program developed by StrongNode.

Senior gamers who join the OGLife community and contribute their unused GPU, CPU, and storage to StrongNode’s edge computing solutions will reap financial benefits from both supplying computing power but gaming as well.

StrongNode’s OGLife seeks to ensure that the users who are brought into this network can not only benefit monetarily, but mentally and physically, by forming a gaming community that facilitates the secure operation of blockchains such as Polygon, Solana, BSC, and Ethereum.

StrongNode Builds a Better Network Through Social Outreach is developing an infrastructure-as-service business model that operates by uniting a network of devices that share their unused computational power. StrongNode has chosen to begin uniting this network by doing some good for the community and providing a social service for an often overlooked part of society through its first project, OGLife.

Blockchain technology is often hailed as a driving force for change in the world. StrongNode and OGLife are taking an active role in fostering the positive changes blockchains are capable of introducing to the world with this community-building venture. This could mean the difference between a life of simply surviving and a life of thriving, hence the project’s thriving-as-a-service business model which is the first of its kind.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay