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Alienist Season 2: Everything You Need to Know - karenminton - 10-15-2020

The Alienist is an American drama television series which is based on a novel by Caleb Carr. The series officially premiered in January 2018 and received terrific reviews from the critics because of its impressive cast and production design.
If you’ve watched season one of the Netflix series packed with a total of ten period drama episodes, and eagerly waiting for its next season to arrive, it is going to be worth it. Yes, you’re thinking it right! It’s finally time for the second season to roll out. The Alienist Season 2 is all set with its thriller series after a long gap.
As announced by Netflix, the second season will be available on the platform from October 22nd, 2020. As mentioned above, season one was based on the novel of the same name; the second season will dictate the narration of ‘The Angel of Darkness’ by Caleb Carr. The novel is one of the bestselling books that focus on poverty and technological invention in New York.

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